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The Fort Worth Symphonic Band was founded in April 1960 by a group of musicians dedicated to preserving the traditional community band from the golden age that started over 100 years ago. That was an era when concert bands ruled the entertainment world. It was the time of the March King  John Philip Sousa, Father of the American Band Pat S. Gilmore, and Barnum and Bailey's  Karl King.

Originally called the Lion's Club Band, the Fort Worth Symphonic Band has had six musical directors in its nearly 54 years of existence. The band's director, Mr. Paul Smith, began his tenure as interim in the fall of 2013 and became the regular director in 2014.

Our musicians have come from all walks of life that encompass the entire spectrum of our community to include: Doctors, lawyers, band directors, musical composers, city councilmen, construction workers, high school and college students, physical therapists, ministers, manufacturing supervisors,  retirees, weathermen, and a couple of ol' goats who have -- and continue -- to grace our bandstand.

The Fort Worth Symphonic Band is a non-profit corporation, is completely self-supporting and is unaffiliated with the City of Fort Worth. We try to maintain an instrumentation of forty to fifty players, and our repertoire reflects the range of ability among our players.


The Fort Worth Symphonic Band has celebrated its 50th anniversary during the 2010 performing season.







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